This is a must have app for all recruiter's who want to quickly take note of information about potential recruits.

Found your potential recruit at a meeting? Simply touch the app's icon and hand over the device to your recruit. The Recruiter's Notepad features an easy-to-use and customized contact entry form, which is designed specially for recruiters.

All the noted contact information is stored securely on your device and can be shared using email or any other app of your choice. This app has NO Ads and is completely FREE to use. Try it today and let us know what you think.

★ Store an unlimited number of contacts
★ Separate fields for location preferences and social networks (LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Twitter)
★ Store any number of emails and phone numbers per contact
★ Your data is never sent to any server. It stays stored securely on your device.
★ Easily search through all your contacts by Name, Company or Title
★ Share contact information using any installed app (that supports sharing)
★ No advertisements
★ Easy to use and light weight user interface