This app is 100% ad free. GPS, Remote location, Location sharing and much more...
This provides a simple interface to get your device coordinates from from GPS/ Wifi/ Cellular towers. Using this app, you can view RAW location data. Location Privacy: This app does not send your location to any server. You can use it without any privacy concerns.

The app currently features:
1. Remote location access via SMS (Change it in Settings)
2. Configuration of secret password for remote access (Change it in Settings)
3. Advanced location provider configuration
4. Low-battery utilization (Almost negligible)
5. View RAW location data
6. Use of GPS explicitly to get location data
7. Use of Cellular Network or WiFi explicitly to get location data
8. Shows latitude and longitude
9. Shows the accuracy of your location (GPS and/or Network)
10. View your Velocity (Speed and Direction)
11. Clean & simple interface
12. No Ads
13. Share your location information via SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google+, Viber, Line, and many many more methods
10. Share your location data using QR codes (Need to install Barcode: )
11. No restrictions on any features (use them as much as you like)

This is a work in progress and future updates will include features like:
1. Location Alarms, Reminders etc
2. Beautiful widgets and much more...
And the best part is that all these will be completely FREE! Stay tuned for FREE future updates!

1. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To enable the use of GPS and network providers to get device location. Don't worry, this won't be shared without your permission.
2. RECEIVE_SMS: To intercept incoming messages for enabling remote location access. We will never violate your privacy. No messages are shared with any external resource.
3. SEND_SMS: To enable the application to send location when requested via remote access.

HOW TO USE REMOTE ACCESS: Just send an SMS containing your secret password (or trigger word) to your mobile. You will get a reply indicating your location. You will require SMS receiving and sending capabilities on the cell provider.

A. For remote access to work on many newer devices, you need to give app the access to send sms messages. To verify, just use remote access once. If a dialog appears related to SMS permissions, just check 'Remember' and allow access.
B. If you find any bugs or have any feature requests/suggestion, please use the feedback option available in the app.